Active Passive Trainer (APT)

Active Passive Trainer (APT)

The APT allows you to control exercise speed or resistance. It can be used to exercise both the upper and lower extremities. In the “active” mode you control the speed against resistance that you set. In the “passive” mode, the speed of the rotation of the pedals or hand grips is controlled by the APT and the feet or hands are moved at a selectable constant speed. This would be used by someone with limited strength or range of motion. The Active Passive Trainer is lightweight and can be easily moved. It can be used on the floor or on a table top.

When ordered on this website, the APT automatically comes with the following accessories: 82003 – Foot rest (pair) and 82004 – Straight hand grips (pair).


  • 5 levels of resistance for Active exercising
  • 5 levels of speed for Passive exercising
  • Can be used by patients confined to wheel chairs
  • Adjustable crank-arm height and length
  • Improve blood circulation, strength, endurance and muscle-tone
Model Number : 8300sis
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