Acupressure Mat (Blue)

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A treat for sore and tight muscles!
The Swedish Sissel ® Acupressure Mat is based on an ancient Indian tradition.
It has a soothing and relaxing with complaints of neck, shoulder and
back. Even in sleep problems and many other ailments, it is a
reliable helper, promotes inner calm and relaxed sleep.

• Is effective against muscle pain and tension
• Blood circulation, activates the energy flow
• Application areas: pain, stress, muscle aches, trouble sleeping ......
• Size and impact of individual control
• Easy to use
• Dimensions: 40 x 60 cm, two-piece, nail Height: 1.5 cm
• Material: recyclable TPE, washed, disinfected
• Color: blue

Model Number : 161.051
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$70.20 USD

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