SISSEL® Balance Board

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Red SISSEL® Balance Board

The SISSEL® Balance Board helps with balance and proprioceptive exercises, but also strengthens core muscles, improves coordination, develops motor functions, and enhances concentration.

Having a strong and stable core helps us feel and look better, and improve our performance in sports and everyday activities.  Improving your balance and maintaining a healthy core can help prevent joint pain and injury. A balance board from SISSEL® can help you bring balance to your life!

Size: ~ 40 cm, 8 cm high (16 inches x 3 inches)

The SISSEL® Balance Board Provides:

  • 40cm (16in) disc of hard, durable plastic
  • Provides 360 degree of instability, Fixed angle, 20 degrees
  • Excellent for yoga, skiing, golf, martial arts, soccer and any other activity that requires good balance and lower body strength and agility.
  • The perfect complement to a floor based Pilates routine
  • Develops Dynamic Balance, Stabilization And Proprioception
  • Recommended for beginners and intermediate level users
Model Number : 162.051
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