SISSEL® Classic Orthopedic Pillow, large, incl. pillow cover white

SISSEL® Orthopedic Pillows

All SISSEL® orthopedic pillows feature substantial support to the lower cervical spinal column. As a result the entire shoulder and neck region is well-supported. Due to its unique angle the pillow glides between shoulder and cervical spinal column and fills the space between, which gently leads the spinal column into the anatomically correct position. A slightly stretching effect on neck and spinal column might make the change feel unusual at first. Your body will require a little time (2 to 14 nights) to once again get used to a healthy natural sleep. We recommend using the pillow a short period of time every night rather than spending a sleepless night and possibly give up after a few nights. Once you are used to it you will not want to be without anymore. SISSEL® orthopedic pillows Plus, Classic and Travel consist of polyurethane foam, which has a high support capacity. SISSEL® orthopedic pillows Soft, Deluxe and Bambini, on the other hand, are made from visco-elastic foam, a very smooth material.

The unique edge of all SISSEL® Orthopedic Pillows guarantees ideal support of your shoulder when in a lateral position, thus relieving vertebrae and intervertebral discs.

SISSEL® Orthopedic Pillow Classic
Our standard orthopedic neck pillow!

• Size M: 47 x 33 x 11 cm
• Size L: 47 x 33 x 14 cm
• including cotton pillow case
• also available cotton or terry pillow cases
Model Number : 110.004
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