Yoga: Beginner warrior two

Image 2 - Yoga: Beginner warrior two

Exercise Description:

Yoga: Beginner warrior two


Turn the right toes facing forward and place the left foot at a 45-degree angle. Bend the left knee until it's at a right angle. Inhale reach your arms to the side and look over the left middle finger. Be sure to keep the hips and shoulders facing forward. Don't allow the left knee to fall in towards the center. Keep the shoulders relaxed and the tailbone tucked under. Pull the navel towards the spine and lift the pelvic floor muscles. Drop the ribcage down and lengthen the spine. Work the outside edge of your back foot into the floor and keep bending the left knee. Keep externally rotating both legs open, maintain the arms parallel to the floor in one line with the legs.

Side Note:

Strengthens the legs, quadriceps and arches of the feet, abdominals, shoulders and arms. Increases the flexibility of the groin, hips, inner thighs. Increases the heat in the body. Energizes and calms the mind.


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