Yoga: Mountain with arms raised

Image 1 - Yoga: Mountain with arms raised Image 2 - Yoga: Mountain with arms raised

Exercise Description:

Yoga: Mountain with arms raised


Place the feet hip-width apart, toes spread, kneecaps lifted by contracting the quadricep muscles. Gently tuck the tailbone under bringing the lumbar spine into a neutral alignment. Inhale and raise the arms above the head bringing the palms together. Look up and draw the ribcage down. Keep the abdominals contracted and lift the pelvic floor muscles. Evenly pressing down through both feet, as you lift the arms towards the sky and look up. Remain here for 5 deep breaths.

Side Note:

Mountain helps to strengthen the posture and straighten the spine. Improves the alignment of the body.



Equipment Used

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SISSEL® Gym Mat Professional (Red)
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