Yoga: Neck rolls

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Exercise Description:

Yoga: Neck rolls


Begin by sitting in a cross-legged position on the floor. Rest the hands onto the knees and place the ankles in front of one and other. Keep the spine erect. Relax the hips, knees and ankles. Relax the face relax the shoulders. Drop the chin to the chest and allow the head to rotate in a circle. Don't allow the head to come all the way back, this will put too much strain on the neck musculature. Only bring the head halfway back. Continue to draw circles with the head allowing the neck to release. Move slowly breath deeply. If there is an area of deeper tension then move even slower. As the chin starts to come forward imagine drawing a necklace with the chin allowing the back of the neck musculature to stretch. Rotate the head 10 times in total, 5 times in each direction. Breathe slowly smoothly and keep the face relaxed.

Side Note:

Helps to relieve headaches migraines and throat ailments. Increases the suppleness of the neck and trapezius muscles. Improves the mobility of the cervical spine. Alleviates neck tension.


Stretches, Yoga
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