Yoga: Butterfly with blocks

Image 1 - Yoga: Butterfly with blocks Image 2 - Yoga: Butterfly with blocks

Exercise Description:

Yoga: Butterfly with blocks


Begin in a seated position. Place the foam block on either side and under the knees. Bend your knees and join both soles of the feet together. Gently push your knees away from each other lowering them onto the foam blocks. Place your hands to the outside of the feet and interlock the fingers. Push the sitting bones down towards the floor and lengthen the spine allowing the crown to reach up towards the sky. Drop the shoulders away from the ears and gently tuck the chin in. Now just rest the knees and don't push into the blocks any further. Allow the gravity to do the work for you.

Side Note:

Improves the mobility and flexibility of the groin, hip, knee and ankles. Reduces menstrual pain, tones the spine, abdominals and internal organs. Improves circulation to the entire body. Helps to alleviate lower back pain and wonderful for woman who are pregnant.


Stretches, Yoga
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