Corkscrew with Sissel Exercise Ball

Image 1 - Corkscrew with Sissel Exercise Ball Image 2 - Corkscrew with Sissel Exercise Ball

Exercise Description:

Corkscrew with Sissel Exercise Ball


Lie face up on a mat with legs extended toward ceiling at 90 degree angle and ball between your feet (the center of the ball touching your ankle bones). If your hamstrings are tight, bend legs. Keep pelvis neutral and arms extended by your sides on mat, palms down. Inhale. Exhale as you rotate ribcage to draw your legs toward right side of chest in a circular motion. Continue by bringing your pelvis off the mat and lifting ball over head so your arms and legs are extended in opposite directions. Curve the spine slightly to balance between shoulder blades. Move legs down to left side of chest and return to starting position.



Equipment Used

Model Number : 160.063
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Model Number : 160.010
Securemax® Exercise Ball - 65 cm (blue-purple)
$33.20 USD
SISSEL® Securemax Exercise Balls can be used for a variety of purposes: to assist you in your workout, as a useful tool in physiotherapy, as a seat to encourage correct posture. The use of the Securemax Exercise Ball as a seat at home, the office, ...

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