Back Extensions on Sissel Exercise Ball

Image 1 - Back Extensions on Sissel Exercise Ball Image 2 - Back Extensions on Sissel Exercise Ball

Exercise Description:

Back Extensions on Sissel Exercise Ball


Anchor feet firmly and lie face down with the Sissel exercise ball under your pelvis and ribs. Bend your arms and place your hands by your ears. Slowly lift your torso until just your pelvis touches the ball. Do not excessively arch through the back. Release and repeat. For more intensity, hold a Sissel medicine ball to your chest. As you lower your ribs toward the ball, extend the medicine ball in front of you.



Equipment Used

Model Number : 160.016
SISSEL® Stabilizer, Ø approx. 45 cm, quadripartite, blue
$29.40 USD
SISSEL® Stabilizer – for a safe workout! Holds the ball in place also when not used. Offers a safe base for pre-birth exercising (Lamar classes etc.). Made from high-quality polypropylene.

Model Number : 160.014
Securemax® Exercise Ball - 75 cm (silver)
$38.50 USD
SISSEL® Securemax Exercise Balls can be used for a variety of purposes: to assist you in your workout, as a useful tool in physiotherapy, as a seat to encourage correct posture. The use of the Securemax Exercise Ball as a seat at home, the office, ...

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