Yoga: Lower back massage/knee circles

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Exercise Description:

Yoga: Lower back massage/knee circles


Lie on your back feet flat on the floor knees bent. Tuck the chin in to lengthen the cervical vertebrae. Place the hands on the knees, inhale, and lift the knees up so the feet come off the floor. Now slowly start to draw circles with the knees allowing the lower back to get a massage. Start by drawing big slow circles, massaging through the tight areas in the lower back. Keep the knees, ankles and feet together. Perform this exercise on a harder surface. Repeat 10 times in each direction. Breath smoothly and slowly.

Side Note:

Increases the circulation and mobility of the lower lumbar spine. Helps to relieve lower back pain. Centers and calms the mind. Loosens the hips and lower back. Massages the internal organs.


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Equipment Used

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SISSEL® Gym Mat (Red)
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SISSEL® Gym Mat Professional (Red)
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