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Thumb - Yoga: Spinal lift half bridge with strap

Yoga: Spinal lift half bridge with strap

Begin in a seated position, place the strap to the outside of the lower legs. Tighten the strap so the knees are in alignment with the hips and the ankles are underneath the knees. Slowly lower yourself onto your back and place the arms at a 45-degree angle palms facing down. Keep the heels close towards the buttocks muscles and the feet in a gentle pigeon toe position. Contract the abdominals, lift the pelvic floor muscles and drop the shoulders down away from the ears gently tucking the chin in. Inhale and slowly lift the hips up towards the sky pressing firmly down through the palms. Rest the weight across the shoulders, don't press the neck into the floor. Press down through all four corners of the feet and gently squeeze the glutes together to support the lower back. Keep lifting the hips higher than the chest and remain here for 5 to 10 deep breaths.


Thumb - Yoga: Starting Egyptian Step. Elbowgrip (1)

Yoga: Starting Egyptian Step. Elbowgrip (1)

Start in Tadasana mountain pose, walk the right foot forward and step the left foot back. Point both the shoulders and hips forward and grab onto the opposite elbows behind your back. Spread the toes lift the right kneecap up. Push evenly and down through all four corners of the feet, lengthen the spine and softly tuck the chin in to lengthen the cervical vertebrae. Roll the shoulders back and down to open the chest. Take 2 to 5 deep breaths here and repeat on the other side.


Thumb - Yoga: Tree

Yoga: Tree

Begin in mountain pose Tadasana, feet hip-width apart, spread the toes and lift the kneecaps. Shift the weight over to the right side and slowly lift the left leg and place the sole of the foot to the inside of the ankle, knee or inner thigh. Find an object in front of you to focus on. Pull the opposite knee and hip open away from one another. Gently push the left foot into the right thigh and the right thigh into the left foot. Hold this for 5 to 10 deep breaths.


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