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Thumb - Upper Trapezius and Neck Stretch on Sissel Exercise Ball

Upper Trapezius and Neck Stretch on Sissel Exercise Ball

Sit in neutral on Sissel Exercise ball with shoulders relaxed. Place right hand on abdomen and left hand on side of ball, fingertips pointing to floor. Tilt head to right, allowing right ear to move to right shoulder. For more of a stretch, place right palm on left ear and carefully apply a slight pressure toward right shoulder. Release and repeat other side.


Thumb - Upright Row with Fitband

Upright Row with Fitband

Stand with feet slightly less than hip-width apart with the middle of the Fitband under both feet. Hold the ends of the Fitband in each hand with arms extended toward the floor, palms facing the body. Slowly bend the arms, pulling the Fitband up toward your chest. Your elbows should be pointing to the sides. Return to starting position and repeat.


Thumb - Yoga Position: Beginner plank

Yoga Position: Beginner plank

Place the hands underneath the shoulders, and spread the fingers and thumbs. Place the knees hip width apart and lift the feet off the floor. Pull the navel towards the spine and lift the pelvic floor muscles. Push evenly on both hands and keep the shoulders away from the ears.


Thumb - Yoga: Angle child's pose

Yoga: Angle child's pose

Come into a kneeling position sitting on the heels. Inhale and lengthen the spine exhale and slowly lower the chest down towards the thighs and extend the arms straight ahead. Rest the head, the arms and the hips down towards the floor. Keep the arms straight and relax the face. If you can't reach your sitting bones towards the heels, place a pillow in between the sitting bones and the heels. If the head doesn't quite reach the floor, place a pillow between the forehead and the floor. Stay in this child's pose with the arms forward for 5 breaths. Now slowly walk the hands over to the right extending the left arm and fingers away bringing the body into a u-shape. Place more of the weight over to the left hip. Feel the stretch all along the left side of the body. Keep the hips working down towards the heels, the arms straight and relax the face. Stay here for 5 to 10 deep breaths. Repeat on the other side.


Thumb - Yoga: Beginner side plank

Yoga: Beginner side plank

Begin in a kneeling position. Place the left hand down onto the floor and extend the right leg out to the side. Inhale and sweep the right arm across the body until the bicep reaches towards the ear. Place the left hand, left knee and right foot all in the same line. Rotate the right shoulder open towards the sky reaching the right leg down towards the floor and reaching the right arm away. Now walk the right foot back and gently push the chest forward creating a soft arch in the spine. Maintaining the left hand underneath the left shoulder and the left knee underneath the left hip. Spread the fingers of the left hand and gently push the hips forward creating the stretch. Hold this pose for 5 to 10 deep breaths. Repeat on the other side.


Thumb - Yoga: Beginner warrior two

Yoga: Beginner warrior two

Turn the right toes facing forward and place the left foot at a 45-degree angle. Bend the left knee until it's at a right angle. Inhale reach your arms to the side and look over the left middle finger. Be sure to keep the hips and shoulders facing forward. Don't allow the left knee to fall in towards the center. Keep the shoulders relaxed and the tailbone tucked under. Pull the navel towards the spine and lift the pelvic floor muscles. Drop the ribcage down and lengthen the spine. Work the outside edge of your back foot into the floor and keep bending the left knee. Keep externally rotating both legs open, maintain the arms parallel to the floor in one line with the legs.


Thumb - Yoga: Butterfly with blocks

Yoga: Butterfly with blocks

Begin in a seated position. Place the foam block on either side and under the knees. Bend your knees and join both soles of the feet together. Gently push your knees away from each other lowering them onto the foam blocks. Place your hands to the outside of the feet and interlock the fingers. Push the sitting bones down towards the floor and lengthen the spine allowing the crown to reach up towards the sky. Drop the shoulders away from the ears and gently tuck the chin in. Now just rest the knees and don't push into the blocks any further. Allow the gravity to do the work for you.


Thumb - Yoga: Child's pose

Yoga: Child's pose

Sit the hips back into the heels and extend the arms forward. Rest the forehead onto the floor. Relax the neck, face and shoulders. Keep the arms stretched and the fingers spread. Take 10 to 15 deep, slow breaths.


Thumb - Yoga: Crossed leg forward bend

Yoga: Crossed leg forward bend

Begin in a cross-legged position bringing the right ankle in front of the left. The sitting bones firmly rooted down to the earth and the crown extended towards the sky. Inhale and lengthen the spine, exhale start to reach forward through the arms and allow the chest to reach towards the floor. Allow the hips to relax, soften the face, relax the head, neck and shoulders and relax into the pose. Maintain this pose for 5 to 15 deep long breaths. Switch legs and repeat.


Thumb - Yoga: Handstand

Yoga: Handstand

This is a very advanced posture. Attempt this posture only if you've been doing yoga for more than two years or you are an athlete and have the strength in the arms. Begin by coming onto the hands and knees approximately 10 to 14 inches away from the wall. Fingertips are facing towards the wall. Tuck the toes under. The hands should be approximately 10 to 12 inches away from the wall. This is the downward dog position. Spread the fingers, spread the toes, keep the hips lifting up towards the sky and gently press the heels down. Stay here for 5 breaths. Preparing for the handstand, place the stronger leg forward and the weaker leg back. Now look towards the wall and contract the abdominals as well as the pelvic floor muscles and slowly attempt to lift one leg up at a time bringing the body into the handstand position leg up against the wall. This may take 5 to 10 attempts. This posture is recommended to go over with a yoga practitioner. Once the legs have reached the wall, tuck the chin in, tuck the tailbone under and drop the ribcage down towards the spine. Maintain a strong connection with the pelvic floor and abdominals. Keep the arms straight and the fingers spread. Maintain this posture for 2 to 10 deep breaths.


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